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    Outdoor Savannah Premium Oak

    Outdoor Savannah Premium Oak Log Set

    • Stainless Steal Outdoor Unit
    • Manual / Remote Ready / Fully Automatic
    • Available Sizes: 27''

    Standard Features:
    • This is a Vent-Free set.
    • The flue may closed for safe operation. This allows 100% of the heat to come into your home.
    • This set is fully approved by the American Gas Association as an unvented heating appliance.
    • 100% carbon monoxide and oxygen depletion safe.
    • CSA approved as a heating appliance. Safety pilot light valve system and oxygen depletion sensor included.
    • 99.9% fuel efficient. THis set will heat approximately 1200 -1500 square feet aat only 1/4 the cost of a real wood fire per hour.
    • Environmentally friendly. No smoke, no sparks, no ashes, no maintenance and no hassles.
    • Hand-painted refractory cement logs with tiered grate for better log stacking.
    • Available in manual, or remote control (millivolt remote ready).

    Deluxe Features:
    • Built-in push button igniter
    • U-shaped burner for superior flame pattern